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FOX News
Mar 2, 2012 10:00pm PST
outbreak, sweeping across the midwest and southeast, leaving a trail of destruction in indiana, ken tucky and ohio, killing at least 27 people. the death toll could continue to rise throughout the night as we receive updates from local authorities. some of the worst damage is in southern indiana. the violent weather there killing at least 13 people. one local sheriff is urging everyone to exercise extreme caution. >> there has been a state of emergency declared here in clark county. so if you are on the roads and you are just gawking, please stay home. you are not helping us. but if you -- if you have a need, please, don't be afraid to call us. but if we will enforce the state of emergency. we have guys working their tails off, trying to make this thing a workable deal. and it's just an unbelievable disaster. >> and joining us on the phone now is rod russell. he is the spokesman for the indiana joint information center. good morning to you. what can you tell us about the latest death toll? >> caller: friday afternoon, a tornado swept through southwestern indiana. currently, we have 13 con
FOX News
Mar 2, 2012 7:00pm PST
huge portions newscast midwest and southeast tonight. storms leaving a trail of destruction in indiana, ken tucky and ohio, killing at least 20 people. the death toll could continue to rise throughout the night as we receive updates from local authorities. some of the worst damage is in southern indiana. violent weather there killing at least 14 people. in one town, completely wiped off the map and tearing a roof off a high school. this comes just days after a huge storm system triggered dozens of tornados that left 13 dead in illinois, missouri, tennessee and kansas. now back to "on the record." and for all of your headlines, go to you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox newschannel. stay with us. >> >> oklahoma on super tuesday. the governor has not made an endorsement. will she announce her pick before the primary? good evening. >> reporter: how are you, greta? >> very well. are you going to endorse between now and super tuesday? and if so, do we get the pleasure of having it here? now? >> reporter: i am not planning on endorsing right now. you know, oak is
FOX News
Mar 5, 2012 10:00pm PST
ken tucky and indiana with nearly 5 inches of snow, which could bring down buildings already weakened by friday's swarm of tornados tornd hamper the search for more victims. 39 people have been killed in five stateds. the chevrolet volt has been named 2012 european car of the year. the volt also produced under the opal and voxol names in europe was named world green car last year. sluggish u.s. sales have forced g.m. to announce a temporary shutdown of a detroit volt plan and now back to "on the record." . >> greta: the state to watch, ohio, 63 delegates up for grabs tomorrow. senator rick santorum was in the lead but the latest polls show romney picking up speed. according to a new poll, governor rick santorum edges him up 34% to 31%. ohio attorney general switched his support to santorum. why? he joins us. good evening. >> so tell me. you obviously wanted governor romney at some point. thought he was right guy then you switched to senator santorum? >> i made a mistake. i bought into the conventional wisdom that everybody was thinking at the time. number of months ago that governor r
FOX News
Mar 12, 2012 7:00pm PDT
to get pre-clearance before we can implement voter i.d. like other states, indiana and kansas already have it implemented for this cycle but texas that is to go through this process. the oral argument before the supreme court two months ago, seems like the pre-clearance standard puts us at a disadvantage compared to other states and what is being borne out where texas is a disadvantages to get other states that gets to impose this law to ensure integrity at the ballot box. >> i'm trying to figure out how much it costs. what i can tell is voter doesn't possess any photo identification that the least expensive option is to spend $22 on a copy of the voter's birth certificate. is that down, we are $22 and where we get the $22 for each person. we're talking about $22s a person? >> it is far cheaper than that. that is one of several factual misstatements that is contained in a document filed by the department of justice. what that refers getting a copy of your birth certificate if you feel you need that, tracing back to what we're talking about here. for those that don't possess a driver's
FOX News
Mar 15, 2012 10:00pm EDT
for their residents. so we've made wide accommodations and modeled our law that was upheld in indiana by the supreme court that 6-3 decision decided that it wasn't overly burdensome to require citizens have an i.d. it's common sense legislation to protect the integrity of the vote so every vote that is cast that vote is counted. that is our goal to ensure that each legally cast vote of every citizen is counted. as a veteran i want to make sure that every citizen is able to vote and their vote is not cancelled out by the forces of corruption as we've seen taken place throughout the history of pennsylvania, overturned elections and prosecutions of a pennsylvania congressman in philadelphia area. we have forces of corruption at work in our elections across the country. voter i.d. will help us put an end to some of that. >> and governor signed it and passed but only applies to the general election. those that are going to vote in the primary, 24th of april they don't have to produce one. so you are giving breathing room on this one? >> it's a soft rule we're going to require the election workers ask for
FOX News
Mar 23, 2012 10:00pm EDT
home collapsed in southern ell. georgia, alabama, kentucky, indiana and missouri also hit hard. high winds, hail and rain damaging homes uprooting trees and flooding streets across the region. a tornado watch remains in effect for parts of kentucky and indigo until 1:00 a.m. local time. >>> president barack obama saying he would support further investigation into the shooting death of unarmed florida teen trayvon martin. the neighborhood watchman who shot the 17-year-old has hot been charged sparking charges of racism from some critics. members of the miami heat showing solidarity by wearing hoodies like the one martin was wearing when died. i'm claudia cowen. now, back to greta and "on the record." >> greta: now, our candid conversation with rush limbaugh continues. >> what would you do about let's take detroit with an unemployment number in the inner city of upwards of 25% and it is absolutely disgraceful that is a community is suffering so. what would you do? >> get rid of every liberal in government. what is the one constant? run by liberals. detroit, other places, microcosm of w
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)